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  • AHIMTA a dedicated group of incident management, emergency management and public safety professionals from all disciplines, seeking to promote, support, and enhance the profession of incident management by establishing standards and promoting the cooperation of federal, state, local, and tribal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector in all phases of incident management.
  • This AHIMTA Work Group Organization has been carefully designed to encourage fair and consistent opportunities for ownership across national and international members through meaningful and ongoing dialogue.
  • Appointments to any Work Group position have no term limit, however are subject to change by the Board of Directors at any time for any reason.


  • Approves AHIMTA Work Group Organization concept and appoints a AHIMTA Work Group Manager
  • Appoints up to one primary voting rep from all regional and international membership.
  • Delegate meaningful projects and opportunities to appropriate groups via the Work Group Manager.


  • Facilitate member engagement through multiple work group opportunities throughout the year.
  • Provide updates during scheduled Board meetings upon request. Must be qualified as an active AHIMT Type 3-IC, command/general staff or higher.
  • This position may or may not be an active Board Member. May have a Deputy Work Group Manager, with same qualifications.
  • Serve as SME to working groups when needed, as directed by Board of Directors.
  • Coordinate annual Work Group meeting at each symposium, with other associated sessions, meetings and training opportunities.


  • Conduct necessary ongoing ICS business/concepts within the Association, as directed.
  • Collaborate frequently on topics of interest related to their area of ICS. (Monthly/quarterly/etc.)
  • Facilitate sessions/training/meetings within work group at AHIMTA conference.
  • Share opportunities for related training throughout the year.
  • Cross train and communicate with other work groups when appropriate.


  • One primary voting rep will be appointed to each Work Group by your AHIMTA regional and international Board Director.
  • Primary reps shall be qualified as a Unit Leader or higher ICS position within the particular section.
  • The primary members shall appoint a Chair and Vice Chair to manage each Work Group.
  • Alternate reps may be approved to vote in absence of the primary rep.


  • Participation for each work group includes all ICS positions subordinate to the corresponding section. (Ex- Division Sup should participate with Operations Work Group, etc.)
  • Work Group membership is unlimited, however, not more than one (1) member per region shall be the primary voting rep.
  • The corresponding Regional Board of Director will appoint a single primary voting rep to each Work Group.
  • AHIMTA members should not participate in more than 2 work groups simultaneously.

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Workgroup Chairpersons

Chairs | Greg Shuping & Rich DePrima

Incident Command | Charles Balke

Command Staff | Mark Becmer

Operations | Gabriel Lavine

Logistics | Brett Bachman

Planning | Chris Bolling

Finance/Admin | John Evans

Intelligence & Investigation | Gary Brandt

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