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The AHIMTA Incident Qualifications System (IQS) Committee is comprised of a group of subject matter experts from regional and national agencies and incident management teams from across the United States.  This Committee is responsible for the development, creation and revision of the AHIMTA Interstate Incident Management Teams Qualifications System (IIMTQS), which is comprised of the IIMTQS Guide, the Position Descriptions and the All-Hazards Position Task Books.

AHIMTA IQS document drafts, such as the IIMQS Guide and Position Task Books, are posted on the AHIMTA website with a request for public comment within a specified time frame.  All comments are reviewed and adjudicated before final publication and implementation. Public comments are a vital part of the Committee’s process and you are encouraged to give us your observations and opinions.

Committee Members:

Name State Representing Agency/Empolyer Title
Paul Broyles ID ID Dept. of Lands / Eagle FD Wildland Fire Specialist, ICT1
Mike Cherry DC U.S. Forest Service Emergency Management Specialist
Tony Doty CA Department of Interior (Retired) Advisor, ICT1
Paul Fieldhouse MT Dept of Natural Resources and Conservation Training and Prevention Program Manager
Deb Fleming ID National Wildfire Coordinating Group NWCG Training Program Manager
Bob Fry MT Montana Disaster & Emergency Svs District Field Officer
Dwight Henninger CO City of Vail Chief of Police, ICT3
George Maier  NY Fire Dept. New York (ret.) Planning Section Chief
James Mason AR Retired Division Fire Chief
Tim McSherry CO Jeffco IMT Int'l Consultant - Cubic, ICT3, Retired EM
Robert Ridgeway MD Emergency Management Institute (EMI) FEMA/DHS Course Manager & Training Specialist
Gordon Sachs DC U.S. Forest Service Chief, Disaster & Emergency Ops
Jason Steinmetz DC DOI Office of Emergency Management Emergency Management Specialist
Jeff Soule MD USFA AHIMT Program Manager
Bill Wallis CO Firewhirl Inc./Retired State FMO BLM Colorado Owner & PSC2, ICT3
Geoff Wilford TN Wildland and structural Fire/former IMWG/former NWCG TWT Owner & PSC1, OSC1, ICT2
Ted Woolley UT Utah Division of Emergency Mgt State Training Officer
Bill Easterling CO AHIMTA/Genesee Fire AHIMTA Board Liaison/Fire Marshal

This is your association, motivated by grass-roots efforts to bring AHIMTs together and standardize, educate and create communication pathways. We will only be successful if our members are involved.

There is much work to do, so see where you fit in and get involved!

  • Annual Training & Education Symposium Planning Committee
  • Law Enforcement
  • Work Group
  • Strategic Planning
  • Discussion Forum Moderator
  • Blogging, social media
  • Credentialing
  • Marketing/PR
  • Standards
  • Communications
  • Mutual/Automatic Aid/EMAC
  • Document Library... give us your ideas.

Contact your regional representative (see Board of Directors) and let them know where you are willing to get involved.

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