All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of eleven elected members, one from each FEMA Region and one at-large member. The Directors serve staggered four-year terms. Officers of the Board include: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The general duties of the offices are:


President - serves as the CEO of the Association and has overall responsibility for the business of the Association.


Vice President - serves as the external Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for ensuring the Association is properly represented in external stakeholder groups and processes. The position also serves as President in his/her absence or disability.


2nd Vice President - serves as the internal Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for ensuring the daily internal Association affairs. Marketing, strategic planning, membership and customer service to members are key areas of emphasis. This position serves as President in the absence of both the President and 1st Vice-President.


Secretary - serves as the custodian of records for the Association. He/she keeps minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, ensures proper notice of meetings is given and recorded.


Treasurer - has custody of all funds, property and securities of the Association. Oversight of bank accounts, receipt of funds, approval of expenditures and signing of checks on behalf of the Association are key duties.

At-Large Board of Director Positions. Click on each link to see the job description/qualifications for each at-large member:

At-Large National

At-Large International

At-Large Non-Governmental Organizations

At-Large Law Enforcement


Region 1 / 2nd Vice President

William Perkins, III

Commander, Capitol Region Counsel of Governments


Region 2

Richard DePrima

Deputy Incident Commander, FDNY

New York


Region 3

Diane Hansen

Director of Administration, Fairfax County OEM
Fairfax, VA


Region 4

Roberto M'Causland

Team Coordinator



Region 5 & Vice President

Lori Postma 

Franciscan Alliance

IN District 1 TF, Lake Village, IN 

Region 6 & Treasurer

Tim Ocnaschek

Captain, City of Beaumont Police Department

Beaumont, TX

Region 7
Rodney Redinger
Fire Management Officer of Operations & Training
Kansas Forest Service

Region 8

Rocco Snart

Planning Branch ChiefState of Colorado


Region 9
Troy Lutrick
Dir. Emergency Management / AHIMT-IC, PSC1
City of Scottsdale


At-Large / International & President

Dr. Randal Collins, CEM

Emergency Manager, City of NEOM

Saudi Arabia


Region 10

John Unfred

Assistant Police Chief, Lakewood Police Department
Lakewood, WA


At-Large / Domestic

Michael Rubenstein

Jefferson County Sheriff's Department (Retired)

Jeffco IMT, Genesee, CO

At-Large / Law Enforcement

Marc Pellegrino

NJ Office of Emergency Management

West Trenton, NJ

At-Large / Non-Governmental Organizations & Secretary

Traci Rankin

Team RubiconDeputy Director of Field Leadership and Training

Dodge City, KS

Please feel free to contact your regional representative with any questions.

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