Incident Management Teams 

Fall NIMS ICS Position Specific Training | Hub & Spoke Event

  • 09/23/2024
  • 8:30 AM (EDT)
  • 09/27/2024
  • 4:30 PM (EDT)
  • Hybrid Event

Fall NIMS ICS Position Specific Training | Hub & Spoke Event

In a partnership between the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, the Incident Management Teams Association (IMTA), and FEMA Region’s 8, 9 and the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), we announce an opportunity for Incident Management Team (IMT) members to participate in the Fall Hub & Spoke Event. Classes will be delivered in a “hybrid format” with hub classrooms located in Colorado and California and spoke classrooms located across the nation.

Academy Dates and Times:

· All Classes will begin on September 23, 2024
· Hours will be 0830 – 1630 daily (eastern time)

Hub Courses & Locations

Colorado (all 5 day courses)
   L0950 – Incident Commander
   L0954 – Safety Officer
  L0967 – Logistics Section Chief

  L0956 – Liaison Officer | 3 days
  L0958 – Operations Section Chief | 4 days
  L0965 – Resources / Demobilization Unit Leader | 4 days

Spoke Courses & Locations
L0950 | Incident Commander

   Dobson, NC

   Harrisburg, PA

   Fairfax, VA

   Honolulu, HI

   Amarillo, TX

   Baton Rouge, LA

L0952 | Public Information Officer

   Knoxville, TN

L0954 | Safety Officer

   Houston, TX

   Sulphur, LA

   Honolulu, HI

   Las Vegas, NV

L0956 | Liaison Officer

   West Monroe, LA

   Waterford, MI

   Chesapeake, VA

   Honolulu, HI

   Fredericksburg, TX

   Bozeman, MT

L0958 | Operations Section Chief

   Bismarck, ND

   Baton Rouge, LA

   Honolulu, HI

   Fort Worth, TX

   Taylorsville, UT

L0965 | Resources / Demobilization UL

   Auburn Hills, MI

   Honolulu, HI

   Austin, TX

   Carson City, NV

L0967 | Logistics Section Chief

   Dobson, NC

   Oklahoma City, OK

   Harrisburg, PA

   Honolulu, HI

   Bryan, TX

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